Starting out in 2009, I have created many wedding videos over the years, and I love the thrill of capturing unique moments as creatively and artistically as possible, whilst remaining discreet and unobtrusive. I believe I am there to capture and document, not influence or interfere. I often get feedback from clients saying that they forgot I was even there!

I tailor each wedding video to suit the couple, depending on their personalities and the style of the day.  One video could be stately and sophisticated, another could be a soppy tearjerker, and another could be fun and quirky.

It’s important to learn from every single shoot and I’m constantly challenging myself to improve as a filmmaker. So, you will never receive run-of-the-mill, dull coverage. I put all of my talent, creativity, experience, and technical skill into every single project. I have also invested in high-end equipment, so your special occasion will be preserved in beautiful 1080p HD, with crystal-clear sound.

I’m a graduate of The University of Wales, Newport, where I received a BA (Hons) degree in Film & Video. I have 13 years of experience as a videographer/cinematographer– filming, directing and editing at a professional level.

— Marcus Uthup, Owner-Operator


Operates nationwide. Local areas include: Cheltenham, Gloucester, Cotswolds, Stroud, Swindon, Bath, Bristol, Worcester.

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